The term "truffles" has referred to underground fu…

The term “truffles” has referred to underground fungi far longer than chocolate confections. The Bible mentions desert truffles, Plato wrote of them, along with many other writers world-wide. Ancient Bedoins have long sought desert truffles (Terfezia sps.) as spring delicacies.

During the Kuwait War, some Kuwaitis were more upset over the loss of truffles than they were the ransacking of their country.

During the 1700s, there was a sudden influx of new foods and cooking techniques brought into the new world. Among these was the discovery of chocolate (actually 1600’s, but who’s paying attention?). Accordingly, chocolate became something of a rage in Europe. However, truffles were still reserved for those who could either find them, or could buy them. Few people could afford them.

Then an enterprising person found that a truffle could be preserved for some time in either brandy or port. These liquors would then absorb some of the truffle aroma/essence/esthers, and allowed the creation of chocolate shells, into which small quantities of this liquid were poured, then sealed with a bit of chocolate. Suddenly the taste and aromas of both truffles and chocolate could be enjoyed together.

(Fungus Before Chocolate: The History Of The Truffle – by Daniel Wheeler, CEO Oregon White Truffles)

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