Algumas siglas usadas nesse nosso mondo bizzarre:

AI Artificial Intelligence

ANSI American National Standards Institute

ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange

BASIC Beginner’s All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code (programming)

BCD Binary Coded Decimal (programming)

BIOS Basic Input Output System

BPS Bits Per Second (communication)

CAD Computer Aided Design

CAE Computer Aided Engineering

CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing

CASE Computer Aided Software Engineering (programming)

CCITT Consultative Committee for International Telephony & Telegraphy

CD-ROM Compact Disk-Read Only Memory

CGA Color Graphics Adapter (screen)

CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (memory)

CPI Characters Per Inch (printer)

CPL Characters Per Line (printer)

CPS Characters Per Second (communication)

CPU Central Processing Unit

CRT Cathode Ray Tube (screen)

DD Double Density (floppy disk)

DEC Digital Equipment Corporation

DES Data Encryption Standard

DIF Device Input Format

DIP Dual In-line Package (memory)

DMA Direct Memory Access

DS Double Sided (floppy disk)

DV DESQview (multitasking program)

EGA Enhanced Graphics Adapter (screen)

EMM Expanded Memory Manager (memory)

EMS Expanded Memory Specification (memory)

EOF End Of File

EOL End Of Line

EPROM Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (memory)

ESDI Enhanced Small Device Interface (hard disk)

FAT File Allocation Table (disk)

FCC Federal Communications Commission (communication)

GUI Graphical User Interface (screen)

HD High Density (floppy disk)

HGC Hercules Graphics Card (screen)

I/F Interface

I/O Input/Output

IDE Intergrated Drive Electronics (hard disk)

KB Kilo Byte = 1,024 bytes

LIM Lotus Intel Microsoft Expanded Memory Specification

LPI Lines Per Inch (printer)

MB Mega Byte = 1,048,576 bytes

MDA Monochrome Display Adapter (screen)

MFM Modified Frequency Modulation (hard disk)

MIPS Millions of Instructions Per Second

MIS Management Information Systems

MMU Memory Management Unit

MNP Microcom Network Protocol (communication)

MS Microsoft

OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer

POST Power On Self Test

PROM Programmable Read Only Memory (memory)

RAM Random Access Memory (memory)

RLL Run Length Limited (hard disk)

TPA Third Party Applications

GAFMOI Getting away from most of it

GAFIA Getting away from it all (said of someone dropping out)

RTM Read The Manual

RTFM Read The Fucking Manual!!!

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