O Gabriel Torres em um review/avaliação sobre a pl…

O Gabriel Torres em um review/avaliação sobre a placa mãe M810 disse algumas coisas interessantes:

It is one of the cheapest motherboards in the market and its performance was below the other socket A motherboards without on-board video that we tested.

Another problem we faced was installing our TNT2 M64 video board in this motherboard. We could only make the computer work without hanging after some attempts. The 3Dmark software did not run (it froze). Many people have been complaining about not managing to install AGP video boards in this motherboard, there is always some kind of trouble happening. It was not different with us.

It is interesting that the disk performance increased 5.12% when we configured the on-board video with 8 MB instead of 16 MB, and lowered 11.42% when the on-board video was disabled and we used a TNT2 M64 video board.

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