Be /.ted or not to be /.ted. That’s the question! …

Be /.ted or not to be /.ted. That’s the question!

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1+ GHz Commodore SX-64 Mod

Posted by timothy on Monday October 28, @10:53PM

from the not-your-ordinary-case-mod dept.

Spider[DAC] writes “I just found this site, about a person who modified a Commodore SX-64 to contain a 1.2 GHz PIII system. It appears to be a really cool system, and apparantly requires some specially made hardware to make it all interoperate properly. A well-documented read, and definitely something to dream about doing yourself. ::


fuck you, slashdot.

I had to take the page down because the site is hosted on a cable modem with a 384k upstream cap! Try a mirror instead.

Hahaha. That’s funny! É o poder da mídia… e dos nerds.

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